Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WOO HOO FUNdraiser Completed

Thank you!  Domo Arigato!  Gracias!  Merci!  Denkeschoen!  to all who were so generous toward the FUNdraiser Friday night at Windoz Grill in Millersville. 

What we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm and GENEROSITY.  Between admission donations and the Silent Auction our FUNdraiser brought in a little over $800.00 to help send Chaplains to the Gulf Coast to help them deal with all that is going on because of the Oil Disaster and its repercussions.

Special thanks to Ron and Ryan Felpel the co-owners of Windoz Grill who were so generous in hosting the big event.  They also donated $100.00 in gift certificates to the restaurant.  Ron also was the successful bidder on several items at the Silent Auction.

Taylor Merrill worked hard to make us all enjoy the evening of humor and did his usual outstanding job.  Newbie, Nate Bomberger made his comedy debut and had us all laughing hysterically at his tales of being "naked in the farm pond".  DJ Kani, had the tables burning and did an excellent job with sound gear and keeping the music pumping.  ALL THREE MEN WORKED FOR FREE TO HELP SUPPORT OUR GULF DISASTER PROJECT!!!

So many people to thank.  Val Aubry, Ron Felpel, Brad Royer, Rich Crockett, Tricia Como all won single or multiple items in the Silent Auction. 

Windoz Grill, Merrill Seafood of New Cumberland, Sara Wiegner, Meaghan Merrill and a few anonymous folks donated wonderful items for the Silent Auction.

This is just the beginning.  Got the plane tickets bought, the bags are getting packed, and now the real work starts.  Please keep the other Chaplains from around the US and me in your good thoughts and prayers.  We don't aim to fix everything, just help with what we can.

More blogs will be posted daily once we are on-site next week.

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