Monday, August 23, 2010

Bags are packed, ready to go

Grand Isle, Louisiana.  Our home for the next week.  This is a pre-oilspill photo of "Paradise". 

I fly out of BWI Thursday morning and arrive in New Orleans around Noon.  Meet the other Chaplains around 2 and head down to Grand Isle. 

With all the theories, disinformation and rumors - remember the FUD Factor...FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT.  It was the common tactic in the early days of the PC industry.  Seems to be undergoing a rebirth in coastal Louisiana.  I can't wait to bear witness to what is happening and develop my own opinions.  We aren't there to find fault or to identify enemies.  There are plenty of others interested in doing that.  As Buddhists, we simply offer a compassionate presence to all living beings suffering from this tragedy. 

Thanks to all of you who supported the FUNdraiser.  I now ask for your positive thoughts, prayers and love as we journey to the Gulf area offering a mindful approach, no judgements and caring.

Starting tomorrow 8/18/10 I will be posting to this blog almost daily.  No politics.  Just my impressions of what I experience firsthand.  Sign up to follow this blog all week.  Gassho.

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